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Title: Calculation of runoff and sediment yield in the Pisevska Rijeka Watershed, Polimlje, Montenegro
Keywords: Soil erosion
Sediment yield
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: University of Montenegro
Citation: VUJACIC, D. et al. Calculation of runoff and sediment yield in the Pisevska Rijeka Watershed, Polimlje, Montenegro. Agriculture and Forestry, Podgorica, v. 61, n. 2, p. 225-234, 2015. DOI: 10.17707/AgricultForest.61.2.20.
Abstract: This paper presents the use of the computer-graphics model IntErO, based on the Erosion Potential Method of Gavrilovic, for calculation of runoff and sediment yield in the Pisevska Rijeka Watershed of Montenegro. Specific physical-geographical inputs needed for the calculation of soil erosion intensity we imported in the IntErO model, what allowed the quantification of the effects of soil erosion, sediment yield and runoff on the environment of the studied region. The value of Z coefficient of 0.370 indicates that the river basin belongs to 4th destruction category (of five). The strength of the erosion process is weak, and according to the erosion type, it is intrusive erosion. The calculated peak discharge from the river basin was 253 m3s-1 for the incidence of 100 years. Production of erosion material in the river basin, Wyear, is 11031 m3 yar-1. The net soil loss for the studied river basin was 4903 m³ per year, 372 m³ per kilometer per year respectively. According to our calculations there is a possibility for large flood waves to appear in the studied river basin of Pisevska Rijeka. Having in mind this, but also the previous research experiences gained in the other neighboring watersheds of the North of Montenegro, the IntErO model is recommended for soil erosion modeling in other river basins similar to the studied watershed, because of its simple identification of critical areas affected by soil erosion.
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