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Título: Cocoa and coffee fermentations
Palavras-chave: Fermentation
Cacao - Microbiology
Coffe - Microbiology
Food microbiology
Food - Processing industry
Industrial products
Data do documento: 2015
Editor: CRC Press
Citação: SCHWAN, F. R.; FLEET, H. G. (Ed.). Cocoa and coffee fermentations. Boca Raton: CRC, 2015. (Fermented Foods and Beverages).
Resumo: Cocoa and coffee beans are some of the most traded agricultural commodities on international markets. Combined, they provide raw materials for a global industry valued in excess of $250 billion. Despite this, few people know that microorganisms and microbial fermentation play key roles in their production and can have major impacts on product quality, safety, and value.Cocoa and Coffee Fermentations explores the scientific principles behind cocoa and coffee fermentation. The book covers botanical and production backgrounds, methods of bean fermentation and drying, microbial ecology and activities of fermentation, the biochemistry of fermentation, product quality and safety, and waste utilization. The book aims to optimize cocoa and coffee processing based on scientific evidence to enhance traditional processing methods that often give rise to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in product quality. It also aims to provide a better understanding of the complex microbial ecology in cocoa and coffee fermentations which involve interactions between species of yeasts, bacteria, and filamentous fungi. Cocoa and Coffee Fermentations hopes to inspire further research linking the microbiology and biochemistry of cocoa and coffee bean fermentations with the development of better controlled fermentations, implementation of quality assurance programs, and ultimately improvement of the sensory attributes of the final product.
Descrição: Fermented Foods and Beverages Series
ISBN: Brochura: 9781439847916 / Ebook: 9781439847930
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