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dc.creatorGuimarães, Angélica Sousa-
dc.creatorGuimarães, Jéssica Sousa-
dc.creatorAraújo, Ana Beatriz Silva-
dc.creatorRodrigues, Lorena Mendes-
dc.creatorCarvalho, Elizangela Elena Nunes-
dc.creatorRamos, Alcinéia de Lemos Souza-
dc.creatorRamos, Eduardo Mendes-
dc.identifier.citationGUIMARÃES, A. S. et al. Characterization of natural curing agents from Japanese radish (Raphanus sativus L.) for their use in clean label restructured cooked meat products. LWT - Food Science and Technology, [S.I.], v. 150, Oct. 2021. DOI:
dc.description.abstractDifferent radish extracts (REs) were characterized and tested as potential natural curing agents for use in restructured cooked meat products with a Clean label claim: radish powder (RP) from root maceration and drying; radish juice (RJ) from aqueous extraction; and radish pulp powder (RPP) from drying of pulp obtained from aqueous extractions. The effects of REs concentrations and incubation times (30, 78, and 120 min at 40 °C) on color and residual nitrite content of cooked products were evaluated. All REs had a strong yellow hue (h = 72–105° and C* = 19–32), with high levels of nitrate, phenolic compounds, and ascorbic acid. The highest antioxidant capacities were observed for RP. Higher incubation times were associated with higher values of residual nitrites in the cooked products. Overall, the addition of REs made the meat products slightly darker (lower L* values) and products with added RP and RJ had different color hues (58.19° and 28.29°, respectively) compared to control (with of 150 mg of added nitrite/kg) and RPP samples (mean of 46.61°). These results demonstrate the feasibility of using radish extracts as natural substitutes for sodium nitrite for the development of cured color in Clean label restructured cooked meat products.pt_BR
dc.sourceLWT - Food Science and Technologypt_BR
dc.subjectRadish extractpt_BR
dc.subjectNitrate contentpt_BR
dc.subjectAntioxidant capacitypt_BR
dc.subjectResidual nitritept_BR
dc.subjectExtrato de rabanetept_BR
dc.subjectCapacidade antioxidantept_BR
dc.subjectNitrito residualpt_BR
dc.subjectProdutos cárneospt_BR
dc.titleCharacterization of natural curing agents from Japanese radish (Raphanus sativus L.) for their use in clean label restructured cooked meat productspt_BR
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