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Title: Spodoptera eridania (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): first report on Amaranthus hybridus (Amaranthaceae) in Brazil
Keywords: Invasive plant
Pest arthropod
Plantas invasoras
Interação inseto-planta
Plantas daninhas - Infestação
Issue Date: Jul-2022
Publisher: Sociedade Brasileira da Ciência das Plantas Daninhas - SBCPD
Citation: RESENDE, L. S. et al. Spodoptera eridania (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): first report on Amaranthus hybridus (Amaranthaceae) in Brazil. Advances in Weed Science, Londrina, v. 40, e0202200024, 2022. DOI:;40:Amaranthus008.
Abstract: Background: Amaranthus hybridus L. (Amaranthaceae) is an annual, dicotyledonous species that is considered one of the main weed infesting agricultural production systems. Some weeds species are considered host plants to insect pests, serving as “green bridges” for subsequent attacks on the main crop during the season, which can cause significant losses. Recording the occurrence of insects that can reach pest status is important for the deployment of mitigation measures against possible damage and economic losses to crops. The presence of Spodoptera eridania (Cramer) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) has not been previously registered in association with A. hybridus plants. Objective: Thus, the present study is the first report to describe the occurrence of S. eridania on A. hybridus in the municipality of Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil. Methods: Images of the larvae while feeding on A. hybrids were obtained using an Olympus® E-410 digital camera. The pictures were then sent to the Laboratory of Ecotoxicology and IPM (LEMIP) of the Department of Entomology of Lavras Federal University (UFLA) for species identification. Results: We observed S. eridania larvae larger than 7 cm feeding on the inflorescences and leaves of A. hybridus . Conclusions: This note reports the first occurrence of S. eridania larvae feeding on A. hybridus in the city of Piracicaba, SP, Brazil.
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