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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018N-3 Ingestion may modulate the severity of periodontal disease? Systematic reviewAzzi, Diana Vilela; Viafara, Jesús Alfonso Sánchez; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Lima, Renato Ribeiro; Marques, Leandro Silva; Pereira, Luciano J.
2016Semen quality and reproductive performance of boars kept in pens containing conventional coffee husk as a floor coveringTeles, Mariele Cristina; Pereira, Bárbara Azevedo; Rocha, Luiz Gustavo Pessoa; Resende, Carla Oliveira; Rodrigues, Valéria Vânia; Pereira, Luciano José; Rodríguez-Gil, Joan Enric; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto
2014Metabolic effects of glycerol supplementation and aerobic physical training on wistar ratsAndrade, Eric Francelino; Lobato, Raquel Vieira; Araújo, Ticiana Vasques; Orlando, Débora Ribeiro; Gomes, Núbia Ferreira; Alvarenga, Renata Ribeiro; Rogatto, Gustavo Puggina; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Pereira, Luciano José
Sep-2014Efficacy of Fish Embryo Vitrification Protocols in Terms of Embryo Morphology - A Systematic ReviewCarvalho, Aline Ferreira Souza de; Ramos, Shayenne Elizianne; Carvalho, Thatijanne Santos Gonzaga de; Souza, Yasmin Chalfoun Pomárico de; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Pereira, Luciano José; Murgas, Luis David Solis
2013Total cholesterol and its fractions in the blood of finishing pigs fed diets with diff erent levels of canola oilSousa, Raimundo Vicente de; Oliveira, Dirce Ribeiro de; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Cantarelli, Vinícius de Souza; Ferreira, Matheus Soares da Silva; Pereira, Luciano José
2016Influence of training in the dark or light phase on physiologic and metabolic parameters of Wistar rats submitted to aerobic exerciseGomes, Núbia Fereira; Oliveira, Larissa Jahnel Rodrigues de; Rabelo, Isabela Peixoto; Pereira, Andressa Naira de Jesus; Andrade, Eric Francelino; Orlando, Débora Ribeiro; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Pereira, Luciano José
2012Insulin addition to swine semen diluted and cooled at 15 ºCCunha, Evandro César Pereira; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Murgas, Luis David Solis; Braga, Douglas Evangelista; Pereira, Bárbara Azevedo; Rocha, Luiz Gustavo Pessoa; Faria, Bruno Generoso; Pereira, Luciano José
2011Energy values and chemical composition of spirulina (Spirulina platensis) evaluated with broilersAlvarenga, Renata Ribeiro; Rodrigues, Paulo Borges; Cantarelli, Vinícius de Souza; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Silva Júnior, José Walter da; Silva, Leonardo Rafael da; Santos, Luziane Moreira dos; Pereira, Luciano José
2011Herbal extracts and symbiotic mixture replacing antibiotics in piglets at the initial phaseZangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Cantarelli, Vinícius de Souza; Fialho, Elias Tadeu; Amaral, Níkolas de Oliveira; Silveira, Hebert; Pereira, Leandro de Melo; Pereira, Luciano José
2014Use of biodiesel co-products (Glycerol) as alternative sources of energy in animal nutrition: a systematic reviewSilva, Viviam de Oliveira; Lopes, Edna; Andrade, Eric Francelino; Sousa, Raimundo Vicente de; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Pereira, Luciano José