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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Use of the fuzzy clustering algorithm for pattern recognition in feed consumption data of pure New Zealand white rabbits exposed to varied thermal challengesSilva, Maria Alice Junqueira Gouvêa; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Moura, Raquel Silva de; Ferraz, Patrícia Ferreira Ponciano; Ribeiro, Bruna Pontara Vilas Boas; Bahuti, Marcelo
Jul-2018Spatial and temporal distribution of enthalpy in aviary heated by industrial furnaceFerraz, Patrícia Ferreira Ponciano; Ferraz, Gabriel Araújo e Silva; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Melo, Luis Fillipe Leal de; Castro, Jaqueline de Oliveira; Cecchin, Daiane
Oct-2017Distribuição espacial do índice de temperatura do globo e umidade em galpão de frangos na primeira semana de vida aquecido por fornalha industrialFerraz, Patrícia Ferreira Ponciano; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Ferraz, Gabriel Araujo e Silva; Damasceno, Flávio Alves
2022Pre-cooling water applied to porous plates of evaporative cooling systemsFernandes, João Levi Bastos; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Moura, Giselle Borges de; Ribeiro, Alex de Oliveira
2019Productive responses from broiler chickens raised in different commercial production system - part II: impact of climate changeLourençoni, Dian; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Yanagi, Silvia de N. M.; Abreu, Paulo G. de; Campos, Alessandro T.
2018Performance of fuzzy inference systems to predict the surface temperature of broiler chickensBahuti, Marcelo; Abreu, Lucas H. P.; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Lima, Renato R. de; Campos, Alessandro T.
2018Air quality, sound pressure level, and thermal environment of two swine nursery stylesFreitas, Leticia Cibele da Silva Ramos; Campos, Alessandro Torres; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Schiassi, Leonardo; Andrade, Rafaella Resende
2019Pertinence curves in fuzzy modeling of the productive responses of broilersLourençoni, Dian; Abreu, Paulo G. de; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Campos, Alessandro T.; Yanagi, Silvia de N. M.
2018Climate change and rural workers thermal comfort: historical and future impactsAmaro, André L. N.; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Yanagi, Sílvia de N. M.; Ferraz, Gabriel A. E S.; Campos, Alessandro T.
Sep-2018Energy analysis of broiler chicken production system with Darkhouse installationMattioli, Matheus C.; Campos, Alessandro T.; Yanagi Junior, Tadayuki; Marin, Diego B.; Eugênio, Tony M. C.; Costa Junior, José E. V.