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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Aerial images to monitor grapevine vegetative growthPereira, Janielle Souza; Ferraz, Gabriel Araújo e Silva; Santana, Lucas Santos
2019RGB vegetation indices applied to grass monitoring: a qualitative analysisBarbosa, B. D. S.; Ferraz, G. A. S.; Gonçalves, L. M.; Marin, D. B.; Maciel, D. T.; Ferraz, P. F. P.; Rossi, G.
2020Comparative environmental analysis of soil sampling methods in precision agriculture for lime application in Paraná State, BrazilGonçalves, J. R. M. R.; Ferraz, G. A. S.; Marin, D. B.; Reynaldo, E. F.; Ferraz, P. F. P.; Sarri, D.; Vieri, M.
2022Digital terrain modelling by remotely piloted aircraft: optimization and geometric uncertainties in precision coffee growing projectsSantana, Lucas Santos; Ferraz, Gabriel Araújo e Silva; Marin, Diego Bedin; Faria, Rafael de Oliveira; Santana, Mozarte Santos; Rossi, Giuseppe; Palchetti, Enrico
Jul-2020Technical and economic viability of manual harvestingFaria, Rafael de Oliveira; Silva, Fábio Moreira da; Ferraz, Gabriel Araújo e Silva; Herrera, Miguel Angel Diaz; Barbosa, Brenon Diennevan Souza; Alonso, Diego José Carvalho; Soares, Daniel Veiga
2022Estimate and temporal monitoring of height and diameter of the canopy of recently transplanted coffee by a remotely piloted aircraft systemBento, Nicole Lopes; Ferraz, Gabriel Araújo e Silva; Barata, Rafael Alexandre Pena; Soares, Daniel Veiga; Santana, Lucas Santos; Barbosa, Brenon Diennevan Souza
2019Principal components in the study of soil and plant properties in precision coffee farmingFerraz, G. A .S.; Ferraz, P. F. P.; Martins, F. B.; Silva, F. M.; Damasceno, F. A.; Barbari, M.
Jul-2020Relationship between Sentinel-2 orbital data and in situ monitoring of coffee rustCortez, Matheus Luiz Jorge; Alves, Marcelo de Carvalho; Carvalho, Gladyston Rodrigues; Pozza, Edson Ampélio
Jul-2018Development of a methodology to determine the best grid sampling in precision coffee growingFigueiredo, Vanessa Castro; Silva, Fabio Moreira da; Ferraz, Gabriel Araújo e Silva; Oliveira, Marcelo Silva de; Santos, Sthéfany Airane dos
Jan-2018Plant sampling grid determination in precision agriculture in coffee fieldFerraz, Gabriel Araújo e Silva; Oliveira, Marcelo Silva de; Silva, Fábio Moreira da; Sales, Ronan Souza; Carvalho, Luis Carlos Cirilo