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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Nutritional profile of commercialized plant-based meat: an integrative review with a systematic approachRomão, Bernardo; Botelho, Raquel Braz Assunção; Torres, Maria Luiza; Maynard, Dayanne da Costa; Holanda, Maria Eduarda Machado de; Borges, Vinícius Ruela Pereira; Raposo, António; Zandonadi, Renata Puppin
2023Transfer learning approach to IDS on cloud Iot devices using optimized CNNOkey, Ogobuchi Daniel; Melgarejo, Dick Carrillo; Saadi, Muhammad; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Kleinschmidt, João Henrique; Rodríguez, Demóstenes Zegarra
Aug-2023ASQM: audio streaming quality metric based on network impairments and user preferencesSantos, Marcelo Rodrigo dos; Batista, Andreza Patrícia; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Saadi, Muhammad; Melgarejo, Dick Carrillo; Rodríguez, Demóstenes Zegarra
2023An exploratory study of the use of the internet and e-government by older adults in the countryside of BrazilSilva, Leonardo Filipe da; Zitkus, Emilene; Freire, André Pimenta
Jan-2023Um ensaio teórico sobre o conceito de disrupção e a criação de novos mercadosSilva, João Paulo Nascimento da; Oliveira, Cledison Carlos; Grutzmann, André
2023The effects of technological leapfrogging in transportation technologies in BRICS and G7 countriesSilva, João Paulo Nascimento; Oliveira, Cledison Carlos de; Pedrosa, Gabriel; Grutzmann, André
2023On the diffusion of test smells and their relationship with test code quality of Java projectsMartins, Luana; Costa, Heitor; Machado, Ivan
Oct-2022Intelligent network planning tool for location optimization of unmanned aerial vehicle base stations using geographical imagesOgobuchi, Okey Daniel; Vieira, Samuel Terra; Saadi, Muhammad; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Zegarra Rodríguez, Demóstenes
Sep-2022BoostedEnML: Efficient Technique for Detecting Cyberattacks in IoT Systems Using Boosted Ensemble Machine LearningOkey, Ogobuchi Daniel; Maidin, Siti Sarah; Adasme, Pablo; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Saadi, Muhammad; Carrillo Melgarejo, Dick; Zegarra Rodríguez, Demóstenes
Feb-2023A novel deep deterministic policy gradient model applied to intelligent transportation system security problems in 5G and 6G network scenariosRibeiro, David Augusto; Carrillo Melgarejo, Dick; Saadi, Muhammad; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Zegarra Rodríguez, Demóstenes
May-2023Concept drift detection with quadtree-based spatial mapping of streaming dataCoelho, Rodrigo Amador; Torres, Luiz Carlos Bambirra; Castro, Cristiano Leite de
Nov-2022Factors for diffusion of autonomous vehicles technology: text mining of online newsSilva, João Paulo Nascimento; Lima Júnior, Paulo de Oliveira; Grützmann, André; Antunes, Luiz Guilherme R.; Pedrosa, Gabriel; Oliveira, Cledison Carlos; Sugano, Joel Yutaka
Nov-2022Who watches the watchers? Accessibility of the public prosecutor's office websites in Brazil and implications for e-government accessibility surveillance policiesSiqueira, Monique S. S.; Dias, Felipe S.; Rigatto, Silvia H.; Carvalho, Michael C. N.; Marques, Thiago A. M.; Freire, André Pimenta
May-2022Optimizing flying base station connectivity by RAN slicing and reinforcement learningCarrillo Melgarejo, Dick; Pokorny, Jiri; Seda, Pavel; Narayanan, Arun; Nardelli, Pedro H. J.; Rasti, Mehdi; Hosek, Jiri; Seda, Milos; Rodríguez, Demóstenes Z.; Koucheryavy, Yevgeni; Fraidenraich, Gustavo
Apr-2022Intelligent hello dissemination model for FANET routing protocolsAyub, Muhammad Shoaib; Adasme, Pablo; Carrillo Melgarejo, Dick; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Zegarra Rodríguez, Demóstenes
2022Metaheuristic algorithms for the bandwidth reduction of large-scale matricesOliveira, S. L. Gonzaga de; Carvalho, C.
Mar-2022Dynamic algorithm for interference mitigation between cells in networks operating in the 250 MHz bandCarrillo Melgarejo, Dick; Costa Filho, Luiz Quirino Rezende da; Medeiros, Álvaro Augusto Machado de; Lorena Neto, Carlos; Figueiredo, Fabricio Lira; Zegarra Rodríguez, Demóstenes
Aug-2022Boosting 5G on smart grid communication: a smart RAN slicing approachCarrillo, Dick; Kalalas, Charalampos; Raussi, Petra; Michalopoulos, Diomidis S.; Rodríguez, Demóstenes Z.; Kokkoniemi-Tarkkanen, Heli; Ahola, Kimmo; Nardelli, Pedro H. J.; Fraidenraich, Gustavo; Popovski, Petar
Apr-2022A skin cancer classification approach using GAN and ROI-based attention mechanismTeodoro, Arthur A. M.; Silva, Douglas H.; Rosa, Renata L.; Saad, Muhammad; Wuttisittikulkij, Lunchakorn; Mumtaz, Rao Asad; Rodríguez, Demóstenes Z.
Feb-2022The evolution of the disruptive ecosystem: a framework integrating disruption, ecosystems, and business modelsSilva, Joao Paulo Nascimento; Grützmann, André
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 373