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Title: Um ensaio teórico sobre o conceito de disrupção e a criação de novos mercados
Other Titles: A theoretical essay on the concept of disruption and the creation of new markets
Keywords: Inovação disruptiva
Modelos de negócios
Proposta de valor
Novos mercados
Disruptive innovation
Business models
Value offer
New markets
Issue Date: Jan-2023
Publisher: Faculdade Santo Agostinho
Citation: SILVA, J. P. N. da; OLIVEIRA, C. C.; GRUTZMANN, A. Um ensaio teórico sobre o conceito de disrupção e a criação de novos mercados. Revista FSA, Teresina, v. 20, n. 1, art. 10, p. 187-205, jan. 2023.
Abstract: The theory of disruptive technologies/innovations is one of the most influential theories on how companies and industries respond to technological change. Over the years, the theory of disruptive innovations has undergone changes in relation to its initial concept, which has led the theory to be applied in different contexts. In dissonance, the academic literature has not yet provided a clear picture of the impact of disruptive innovation on new markets. This theoretical essay seeks to revisit the concept of disruption that affects existing structures of the main market and/or creates an opportunity for a new market. In this way, this essay seeks to review the concept of disruptive innovation presented in the literature and present an academic perspective of disruption and creation of new markets. This theoretical essay presents a recap of the theory of disruptive innovations, its different concepts present in the literature, its non-compliance with current models, standards and markets, and its potential to affect existing market structures and create new markets. Despite the different concepts employed, a new value architecture is presented in most proposals, where disruption is found in the development of new disruptive technologies and their integration into new business models. This theoretical essay seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the concept of disruptive innovations, especially with their impact on the development of new markets.
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