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Title: Inovação x imitação: o uso de estratégias competitivas na indústria da moda
Other Titles: Innovation x imitation: the use of competitive strategies in the fashion industry
Keywords: Indústria da moda
Fashion industry
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Fundace
Citation: CAMPOS, R. de C. L. et al. Inovação x imitação: o uso de estratégias competitivas na indústria da moda. RACEF – Revista de Administração, Contabilidade e Economia da Fundace, [S.l.] v. 13, n. 3, p. 54-72, 2022.
Abstract: This article aimed to investigate how innovation and imitation strategies are designed and applied in the fashion industry to gain competitiveness. This is a qualitative descriptive research. Seven semi-structured interviews were conducted with managers of women’s fashion companies in the city of Belo Horizonte. To analyze the data, content analysis was used. The results showed that there are brands that are based on innovation and differentiation to remain competitive, but it is also common to use the imitative strategy as a way to reduce costs, risks and uncertainties. Although they seem opposite, innovation and imitation are strategies that together sustain the fashion phenomenon. They can even be combined, incorporating elements that represent from the brand identity to the trends already launched. In addition to theoretical contributions in the field of strategy, the research encourages fashion managers to reflect on their strategic positioning in the market.
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