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Title: Corn yield components in function of the regulation of the seeder-fertilizer in a conventional planting system in amazon biome
Keywords: Decision tree
Árvore de decisão
Learning Machine
Aprendizado de máquinas
Agricultural Mechanization
Mecanização agrícola
Corn - Productivity
Milho - Produtividade
Issue Date: Sep-2022
Publisher: Southern Cross Publishing
Citation: VALENTE, G. F. et al. Corn yield components in function of the regulation of the seeder-fertilizer in a conventional planting system in amazon biome. Australian Journal of Crop Science (AJCS), Brisbane, v. 16, n. 9, p. 1101-1106, 2022. DOI: 10.21475/ajcs.22.16.09.p3605.
Abstract: The correct seeder-fertilizer adjustment is responsible for increasing the efficiency of corn cultivation's implementation process. This work aimed to evaluate transmission system regulation of seeder-fertilizer seed deposition unit in maize crop implantation in the Eastern Amazon. The experiment was carried out after the sowing process with a seeder-fertilizer for conventional planting with a mechanical seed distributor. The treatments resulted in five size combinations of driven gears (8, 10, 12, 15, 17) with the motor gear of size 7, which resulted in the respective corn sowing densities, 64.978, 62.311, 52.444, 44.977, 38.665 plants ha-1. Each treatment consisted of a 200 m seeding strip divided into 20 plots per strip (treatment). The agronomic variables analyzed were: average Number of Days to Emergence (NDE), longitudinal distribution of plants in the standard (N), Fault (F) and Double (D) fields, Initial Plant population (IP), Final Plant population (FP), Stem Diameter (SD), Plant Height (PH), Number of Leaves (NL), Number of Ears (NE), Mass of one hundred grains (MG), Number of Grains per row (GR), Number of Ear rows (ER), Ear Length (EL), Ear Diameter (ED) and Productivity (P). Data were submitted to statistical analysis, correlation test and decision tree analysis. The decision tree showed which initial population was more important to classify the most relevant agronomic variables in corn planting. The initial stand of 62.442 plants ha-1 was the most suitable for corn in the Amazon region. There is potential to reach corn productivity of 5.14 to 5.33 t ha-1 when combined with a drive gear 12 and driven gear 7 seeder-fertilizer machine transmission system.
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