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dc.creatorMenezes, Camila Carvalho-
dc.creatorCarneiro, João de Deus Souza-
dc.creatorBorges, Soraia Vilela-
dc.creatorSilva, Vera Sônia Nunes da-
dc.creatorBrigagão, Maísa Ribeiro Pereira Lima-
dc.creatorAzevedo, Luciana-
dc.identifier.citationMENEZES, C. C. et al. Development of low-calorie guava preserves with prebiotics and evaluation of their effects on carcinogenesis biomarkers in rats. Food and Chemical Toxicology, Oxford, v. 50, n. 10, p. 3719-3724, Oct. 2012.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractFaced with the search for healthy products that provide additional benefits to consumers' health, the main objectives of this work were to develop a low-calorie preserve containing prebiotics (lactulose and polydextrose) and to evaluate the effects of these prebiotics on oxidative stress and colon carcinogenesis in male rats treated with 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (DMH). A total of 62.5% w/w of the sucrose in conventional preserves was replaced by polydextrose, and lactulose was added at 0%, 16%, 19.5% or 23% w/w concentrations. The acceptance of these four low-calorie guava preserve samples and the conventional sample was equal (P>0.05), with a score of 6.49. The level of degradation of lactulose was low (18.45 g100 g(-1)lactulose), ensuring that even at a lower concentration of this prebiotic (16% w/w), the concentration remained above the minimum level considered functional. We found that consumption of the low-calorie preserves with prebiotics does not have an effect on the development of mucin-negative ACF and classical ACF in the initiation phase of the mutagenic process. However, the consumption of 1.5 g of the preserve/rat/day potentiated lipid peroxidation and proteic oxidation in the liver.pt_BR
dc.sourceFood and Chemical Toxicologypt_BR
dc.subjectAberrant crypt focipt_BR
dc.subjectOxidative stresspt_BR
dc.titleDevelopment of low-calorie guava preserves with prebiotics and evaluation of their effects on carcinogenesis biomarkers in ratspt_BR
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