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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Aug-2014Diluidores e crioprotetores no resfriamento e congelamento do sêmen de piracanjuba ( Brycon orbignyanus)Maria, Alexandre Nizio
Feb-2010Gentamycin controls bacterial growth during refrigerated storage of Piracanjuba, Brycon orbignyanus, semenViveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Isaú, Ziara Aparecida; Figueiredo, Henrique Cesar Pereira; Leite, Marco A. S.; Maria, Alexandre Nizio
Jun-2015Histochemical and morphological features of biopsied and stripped oocytes from the Brazilian endangered teleost pirapitinga, Brycon nattereri (Characiformes)Maria, Alexandre Nizio; Orfão, Laura Helena; Rizzo, Elizete; Silveira, Alexandre Ninhaus; Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonca
15-Dec-2016Out-of-season sperm cryopreserved in different media of the Amazonian freshwater fish pirapitinga (Piaractus brachypomus)Nascimento, Ariane Flávia do; Maria, Alexandre Nizio; Pessoa, Nathalie Ommundsen; Carvalho, Maria Audalia Marques de; Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça
Jun-2009A simple, inexpensive and successful freezing method for curimba prochilodus lineatus (characiformes) semenViveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Orfão, Laura Helena; Maria, Alexandre Nizio; Allaman, Ivan Bezerra
2010Sperm fertility of the subtropical freshwater streaked prochilod Prochilodus lineatus (Characiformes) improved after dilution and cold storageOrfão, Laura Helena; Maria, Alexandre Nizio; Nascimento, Ariane Flávia do; Isaú, Ziara Aparecida; Viveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça
Mar-2012Spermatozoon ultrastructure and sperm cryopreservation of the Brazilian dry season spawner fish pirapitinga, Brycon nattereriViveiros, Ana Tereza de Mendonça; Maria, Alexandre Nizio; Amaral, Thiciana B.; Orfão, Laura Helena; Isaú, Ziara Aparecida; Veríssimo-Silveira, Rosicleire