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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Enriching an authority file of scientific conferences with information extracted from the webJesus, Heider Alvarenga de; Pereira, Denilson Alves
2017A framework to collect and extract publication lists of a given researcher from the webGarcia, Cristiano Mesquita; Pereira, Armando Honorio; Pereira, Denilson Alves
May-2011A generic web-based entity resolution frameworkPereira, Denilson Alves; Ribeiro Neto, Berthier; Ziviani, Nivio; Laender, Alberto H.F.; Gonçalves, Marcos André
2013Uma nova proposta de paralelismo e balanceamento de carga para o algoritmo AprioriBolina, André Camilo; Pereira, Denilson Alves; Esmin, Ahmed Ali Abdalla; Pereira, Marluce Rodrigues
Jul-2020PVAF: an environment for disambiguation of scientific publication venuesParaizo, Tiago Antônio; Pereira, Denilson Alves
2010Recuperação de dados em banco de dados por meio da linguagem naturalPinto, Bruno Perché; Pinheiro, Denis; Pereira, Denilson Alves
2013SMINER - a platform for data mining based on service-oriented architectureEsmin, Ahmed Ali Abdalla; Pereira, Denilson Alves; Pereira, Marluce Rodrigues; Araújo, Deivison Luiz
Jul-2020A survey of sentiment analysis in the Portuguese languagePereira, Denilson Alves
2013The experience of using the scrum process in the production of learning objects for blended learningBettio, Raphael Winckler de; Pereira, Denilson Alves; Martins, Ronei Ximenes; Heimfarth, Tales