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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Comparison of methodologies to quantify phytate phosphorus in diets containing phytase and excreta from broilersNaves, L de P.; Rodrigues, P. B.; Bertechini, A. G.; Corrêa, A. D.; Oliveira, D. H. de; Oliveira, E. C. de; Duarte, W. F.; Cunha, M. R. R. da
5-Jul-2013Effect of different sources and levels of selenium on performance, meat quality, and tissue characteristics of broilersOliveira, T. F. B.; Rivera, D. F. R.; Mesquita, F. R.; Braga, H.; Ramos, E. M.; Bertechini, A. G.
Jul-2012Effect of ph and temperature on the activity of phytase products used in broiler nutritionNaves, L. de P.; Corrêa, A. D.; Bertechini, A. G.; Gomide, E. M.; Santos, C. D. dos
23-Oct-2015Effects of in ovo injection of organic trace minerals and post-hatch holding time on broiler performance and bone characteristicsOliveira, T. F. B.; Bertechini, A. G.; Bricka, R. M.; Hester, P. Y.; Kim, E. J.; Gerard, P. D.; Peebles, E. D.
Oct-2015Effects of in ovo injection of organic zinc, manganese, and copper on the hatchability and bone parameters of broiler hatchlingsOliveira, T. F. B.; Bertechini, A. G.; Bricka, R. M.; Kim, E. J.; Gerard, P. D.; Peebles, E. D.
Jun-2012Performance and egg quality of laying hens fed with dietary levels of digestible lysine and threonineFigueiredo, G. O.; Bertechini, A. G.; Fassani, E. J.; Rodrigues, P. B.; Brito, J. A. G; Castro, S. F.
Dec-2019Performance, growth curves and carcass yield of four strains of broiler chickenNogueira, B. R. F.; Reis, M. P.; Carvalho, A. C.; Mendoza, E. A. C.; Oliveira, B. L.; Silva, V. A.; Bertechini, A. G.
2019Protease supplementation under amino acid reduction in diets formulated with different nutritional requirements for broilersDessimoni, G. V.; Dalólio, F. S.; Moreira, J.; Teixeira, L. V.; Bertechini, A. G.; Hermes, R. G.
24-Nov-2013Study of the utilization of light egg-type males: a proposal for the sustainability of the egg industryBertechini, A. G.; Mazzuco, H.; Rodrigues, E. C.; Ramos, E. M.