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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Ácido benzoico para leitões na fase inicial: avaliação in vivo e ex vivoSilveira, Hebert
Dec-2018Benzoic acid in nursery diets increases the performance from weaning to finishing by reducing diarrhoea and improving the intestinal morphology of piglets inoculated with Escherichia coli K88+Silveira, Hebert; Amaral, Leticia Gomes de Morais; Garbossa, Cesar Augusto Pospissil; Rodrigues, Leticia Mendonça; Silva, Claudia Cassimira da; Cantarelli, Vínicius de Souza
Mar-2015Digestible and metabolizable energy of crude glycerin for finishing pigsSilveira, Hebert; Rodrigues, Letícia Mendonça; Amaral, Letícia Gomes de Morais; Cerqueira, Luís Gustavo dos Santos; Philomeno, Renato; Cantarelli, Vinícius de Souza
Jan-2018Effects of dietary supplementation of red pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi) essential oil on performance, small intestinal morphology and microbial counts of weanling pigsCairo, Pedro Leon Gomes; Gois, Franz Dias; Sbardella, Maicon; Silveira, Hebert; Oliveira, Roberto Maciel de; Allaman, Ivan Bezerra; Cantarelli, Vinicius Souza; Costa, Leandro Batista
2011Herbal extracts and symbiotic mixture replacing antibiotics in piglets at the initial phaseZangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Cantarelli, Vinícius de Souza; Fialho, Elias Tadeu; Amaral, Níkolas de Oliveira; Silveira, Hebert; Pereira, Leandro de Melo; Pereira, Luciano José
Aug-2011Metabolizable energy for piglets in the nursery phase submitted at activation of immune systemPereira, Leandro de Melo; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Fialho, Elias Tadeu; Cantarelli, Vinícius de Souza; Silveira, Hebert; Garbossa, Cesar Augusto Pospissi; Cerqueira, Luis Gustavo dos Santos; Kuribayashi, Thiago Hiroshi
7-Aug-2014Níveis de lisina para leitões na fase inicial, submetidos ou não a ativação do sistema imuneSilveira, Hebert
30-Apr-2015Performance and carcass characteristics of swine at 50 kg fed diets with different energy levels and reduced levels of crude proteinZangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Cantarelli, Vinícius de Souza; Fialho, Elias Tadeu; Amaral, Nikolas de Oliveira; Silveira, Hebert; Lima, José Augusto de Freitas
21-Jun-2012Ractopamine levels on performance, carcass characteristics and quality of pig meatGarbossa, Cesar Augusto Pospissil; Sousa, Raimundo Vicente de; Cantarelli, Vinícius de Souza; Pimenta, Maria Emília de Sousa Gomes; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto; Silveira, Hebert; Kuribayashi, Thiago Hiroshi; Cerqueira, Luis Gustavo dos Santos
May-2019Spray‐dried porcine plasma improves feed intake of weaned piglets subjected to heat stressCerqueira, Luis Gustavo dos Santos; Schinckel, Allan Paul; Silveira, Hebert; Kuribayashi, Thiago Hiroshi; Moreira, Rennan Herculano Rufino; Lisboa, Ítalo de Oliveira; Cantarelli, Vínicius de Souza; Garbossa, Cesar Augusto Pospissil