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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Cultivo de bactérias nitrificantes a partir do biofilme de filtro biológico aerado submerso tratando esgotoMartins, Guilherme de Oliveira; Souza, Aline dos Reis; Silva Filho, Marcelo Vieira da; Siniscalchi, Luciene Alves Batista
Jul-2017Illumina sequencing-based analysis of a microbial community enriched under anaerobic methane oxidation condition coupled to denitrification revealed coexistence of aerobic and anaerobic methanotrophsSiniscalchi, Luciene Alves Batista; Leite, Laura Rabelo; Oliveira, Guilherme; Chernicharo, Carlos Augusto Lemos; Araújo, Juliana Calabria de
2020Nitratation in pilot-scale bioreactors fed with effluent from a submerged biological aerated filter used in the treatment of dog wastewaterFriedrich, Katarina Lydia; Souza, Aline dos Reis; Fia, Ronaldo; Leal, Cíntia Dutra; Araújo, Juliana Calábria de; Siniscalchi, Luciene Alves Batista
May-2020Principal component analysis as a criterion for monitoring variable organic load of swine wastewater in integrated biological reactors UASB, SABF and HSSF-CWOliveira, Jacineumo Falcão de; Fia, Ronaldo; Fia, Fátima Resende Luiz; Rodrigues, Fernando Neris; Matos, Mateus Pimentel de; Siniscalchi, Luciene Alves Batista
Dec-2020Quantification, removal and potential ecological risk of emerging contaminants in different organic loads of swine wastewater treated by integrated biological reactorsOliveira, Jacineumo Falcão de; Fia, Ronaldo; Rodrigues, Fernando Neris; Fia, Fátima Resende Luiz; Matos, Mateus Pimentel de; Siniscalchi, Luciene Alves Batista; Sanson, Ananda Lima
2019Use of coffee capsules as support material in upflow anaerobic fixed bed reactorsSouza, Gabriela Rezende de; Oliveira, Luiz Fernando Coutinho de; Bello, Italoema Pinheiro; Siniscalchi, Luciene Alves Batista; Fia, Ronaldo; Gandia, Rômulo Marçal