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Title: A gestão pública e o Reuni: entre o social e o gerencial
Other Titles: The public management and the Reuni: between the social and the managerial
Keywords: REUNI
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: ANDRADE, D. C. T. de. et al. A gestão pública e o Reuni: entre o social e o gerencial. Revista da Universidade Vale do Rio Verde, Três Corações, v. 9, n. 2, p. 154-170, ago./dez. 2011.
Abstract: With this article, aims to analyze the characteristics of the public management of higher education policy in force in Brazil, in terms of the Federal Institutions of Higher Education – IFES and the Support Program for the Restructuring and Expansion of Federal Universities – REUNI, and the restrictions consequences to a quality education. From there, was adopted, as a methodological resource, a review of the key characteristics of State Reform and documentary research of the points addressed in the Decree. 6096, working mainly with data collected form official documents and sites of federal government. It was concluded that despite the large proportion of investment, hiring and the social discourse in this Decree, the reform in the higher education, taking place in the IFES, is guided by characteristics of macroeconomic policies in regard to the restructuring of production and the Reformation State in the same sense of what has been implemented in recent decades in the country.
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