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Title: A concepção de graduandos sobre as potencialidades das TIC no ensino de línguas
Other Titles: The conception student’s about the potential of ICT in language teaching
Keywords: Tecnologias da informação e comunicação
Information and communication technologies
Ambiente escolar
School environment
Issue Date: Aug-2015
Publisher: Centro Universitário de Patos de Minas (UNIPAM)
Citation: RIBEIRO, E. A.; MORAIS, A. P. M. de; FERREIRA, H. M. A concepção de graduandos sobre as potencialidades das TIC no ensino de línguas. Crátilo, Patos de Minas, v. 8, n. 1, p. 72-81, ago. 2015.
Abstract: This article demonstrates how the issue regarding the use of technological tools for teaching has been the subject of ongoing discussions. In this context, the aim is to present the results of a survey done with the students of the Languages course at a public University about the potential of ICT in language teaching. The use of ICT has been proposed as a problem of the supervised internship and PIBID Project Activities, given that undergraduates have come to take part in the schools’ daily routines and should perform a critical analysis of the school environment. This paper presents a discussion on this topic that is of such importance to teacher training, as the use of ICT in the classroom is still a new issue in the educational context and demands studies for a more functional use. From the study, there was a breakthrough in theoretical discussions and still-limited views for some of the students. Thus, it is concluded that the discussion on the use of ICT should be included in the item on the agenda of teacher training courses.
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