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Title: Diretrizes para a formação de professores no trabalho com a leitura: dos PCN à BNCC
Other Titles: Guidelines for the teacher education in working with reading: from PCN to BNCC
Keywords: Leitura
Diretrizes oficiais
Formação de professores
Official guidelines
Teacher education
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Pará
Citation: DIAS, J.; FERREIRA, H. M.; SILVA, N. A. Diretrizes para a formação de professores no trabalho com a leitura: dos PCN à BNCC. Moara, Pará, n. 51, p. 10-31, 2019.
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to analyze, contrastively, the guidelines presented by the PCN - National Curricular Parameters (BRASIL, 1998) and the proposal of BNCC - National Curricular Common Base (BRASIL, 2017) about working with reading practice. Both documents contemplate working with multiple languages: the PCN briefly discuss the use of technology, evidencing the use of computers, radio and television. The BNCC, in different skills, details the need to work with images, sounds and different digital languages. Thus, the temporal distance between the guidelines for national education allows us to infer that the focus on multiliteracies was broadened, considering the diversity resulting from the use of TIC (information and communication technology) in daily. This advance brings education demands, since the work with the multisemioses requires the exploration of different discursive genres, different skills and reading skills and new methodological paths.
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