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Title: Avaliação multivariada da composição fenólica de cachaças envelhecidas em diferentes barris de madeira
Other Titles: Multivariate evaluation of the phenolic composition of cachaça aged in barrels made of different kinds of wood
Keywords: Cachaça
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho" (UNESP), Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias e Veterinárias (FCAV) - Câmpus de Jaboticabal
Citation: ZACARONI, L. M. et al. Avaliação multivariada da composição fenólica de cachaças envelhecidas em diferentes barris de madeira. Científica, Jaboticabal, v. 42, n. 2, p. 101, 2014. DOI: 10.15361/1984-5529.2014v42n2p101-107.
Abstract: This study sought to evaluate the phenolic composition of cachaças aged in barrels constructed of oak, jequitibá, chestnut, amburana, balm, bay and cinnamon jatoba employing Principal Component Analysis (PCA). The levels of phenolic compounds were centered on the mean and subjected to ACP. The results indicated that the cachaça aged in chestnut (36 months), oak (48 months) cinnamon and bay differed from the others by possessing a higher content of gallic acid, ellagic acid and eugenol, respectively. The samples aged in amburana (48 months), balsam (36 and 48 months), jequitibá, oak (24 and 36 months) and jatoba showed characteristics similar to one another, highlighting the importance of the ACP analysis to show the effect of the type of wood on the phenolic composition of aged cachaça.
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