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Title: Contribuições do esboço de um atlas linguístico de minas gerais para o ensino de língua portuguesa na educação básica
Keywords: Variação linguística
Ensino de língua portuguesa
Atlas linguísticos
Linguistic variation
Linguistic atlases
Portuguese language teaching
Issue Date: Apr-2020
Publisher: Núcleo de Pesquisa e Estudos Sociolinguísticos e Dialetológicos - NUPESD/UEMS
Citation: MENDONÇA, L. A. de L.; ROMANO, V. P. Contribuições do esboço de um atlas linguístico de minas gerais para o ensino de língua portuguesa na educação básica. Sociodialeto, [S. l.], v. 10, n. 30, abr. 2020.
Abstract: In this article, we aim to propose reflections on the contributions of linguistic atlases to the teaching of mother tongue in Portuguese language classes. For that, two lexical linguistic maps are examined, map 1: Arco Íris (rainbow) and map 30: Bolinha de Gude (marbles) from the Draft of a Linguistic Atlas of Minas Gerais - EALMG - (RIBEIRO, et al., 1977), to develop didactic activities for the students of elementary school II. Thus, the research is based on the theoretical contribution of Dialectology and Geolinguistics (ALKIMIM 2009), (BRANDÃO, 1991), (CARDOSO, 2010), (COSERIU 1987), (PAIM 2016), (ROMANO 2013), (SILVA NETO1957), (VIEIRA 1999), (ZÁGARI 2013 [1998; 2005]).This study is expected to contribute to studies on linguistic variations in the classroom, especially diatopic ones, through activities that lead students to reflect on prejudices and linguistic stereotypes and linguistic diversity in Minas Gerais. Therefore, beyond discussing the relevance of linguistic atlases for the knowledge and description of the multiplicity of speeches from Brazil, in particular, those from Minas Gerais. The contribution of these studies to the teaching of diatopic variation in Portuguese language classes is discussed.
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