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Title: A cenografia de confissão na página Segredos Ufla: uma análise do discurso em contexto de anonimato
Other Titles: The confession scenography in Segredos Ufla fan page: An analysis of discourse in anonymity context
Keywords: Anonimato
Discurso da confissão
Análise do discurso
Discourses of confession
Discourse analysis
Issue Date: Dec-2020
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Citation: CANO, M. R. de O.; PENA, L. N. A cenografia de confissão na página Segredos Ufla: uma análise do discurso em contexto de anonimato. Revista Linguagens & Letramentos, Cajazeiras, v. 5, n. 2, p. 138-158, jul./dez. 2020.
Abstract: The present study analyzes the discourses of the Facebook fan page Segredos UFLA which receives private messages and publishes them anonymously. The messages are introduced by “I confess that”. It is presumes that this discourses uses the scenography of confession. The confession validates the production of discourses about oneself and its imposition by the Catholic Church over the years result in a confessional society in nowadays. The methodology involves the constitution of the corpus as of posts of the Segredos UFLA fan page. The study is based on discourses analyzes, especially in Maingueneau (2015) studies about the scene of enunciation, the postulates of Foucault (1998) about the confession and the studies of Orlandi (2015) about the discursive subject. It is also used the studies of Pacheco (2014), Dias (2016) and Maingueneau (2015) about the consequences of social medias to the discursiveness of the world. Therefore, the confession scenography validates this subject by its own enunciation. The confession scenography determines the role that the subject should take on this scene, just as the topic that is approached in these posts.
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