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Title: Avaliação da gestão das UC do Sistema Estadual de Áreas Protegidas de Minas Gerais
Keywords: Instituto Estadual de Florestas
Unidades de conservação - Manejo
Áreas silvestres
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Citation: REZENDE, J. L. P. et al. Avaliação da gestão das UC do Sistema Estadual de Áreas Protegidas de Minas Gerais. Geografias, Belo Horizonte, v. 6, n. 1, p. 87-106, jan./jun. 2010.
Abstract: The Units of Conservation (UC) are territorial spaces especially protected for the conservation of the natural resources. Minas Gerais shelter several UC. This work characterized and to analyzed the degree of implantation of the State System of Units of Conservation in Minas Gerais. Specifically, the objectives were: to survey the state UC and their distribution by biome and regional offices of IEF, their basic infrastructure, land tenure regularization, human resources, existence of management plans, advisory advices, relationship with the surrounding community, existence of tourist flow, research activity and to characterize the partners and volunteers that act in the administration of the same ones. The used methodology was the semi-structured interviews and questionnaires applied the all UC managers, evaluating the space situation, land tenure, human resources, infra-structure among others. The main results found were: there exist 74 state UC that occupy significant and representative areas of all the biomes in the state; management plans do not exist in most of UC; there is lack of human resources in the administration of UC, mainly of managers; there is overlapping of functions, insufficient amount of trained employees for specific functions; UC with larger area representativeness are the “Areas of Environmental Protection” (APA) that face larger lacks in human resources, materials and financial resources, besides the difficulty of managing the territory together with the proprietors; UC of integral protection are the ones that possess larger problems of land tenure regularization.
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