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Title: Elaboração, caracterização química e avaliação sensorial de néctares de bananas das variedades prata, nanica e marmelo
Other Titles: Preparation, chemical characterization and sensorial evaluation of banana´s nectar of the varieties Prata, Brazilian Dwarf and Marmelo
Keywords: Néctar de banana - Avaliação sensorial
Banana - Industrialização
Banana nectar - Sensory evaluation
Banana - Industrialization
Issue Date: Jul-2009
Publisher: Universidade Estadual Paulista
Citation: MESQUITA, K. S. et al. Elaboração, caracterização química e avaliação sensorial de néctares de bananas das variedades prata, nanica e marmelo. Alimentos e Nutrição Araraquara, Araraquara, v. 20, n. 3, p. 451-455, jul./set. 2009.
Abstract: The banana’s industrialization is an option to make good use of the surplus production and of the fruits that are out of quality standards for raw consumption. An alternative use of banana is its nectar form, which is a good nutritional beverage that is ready for consumption and of easy processing. This work’s primary objective was to prepare the nectars from acidifi ed mashed bananas of the varieties Prata, Brazilian Dwarf and Marmelo. Moreover, characterize chemically the nectar, its sensorial acceptance and evaluate its intention of purchase. The average of pH values found for the three nectars varied from 4.49 to 4.59; the total tenor of soluble solids varied from 8.8º Brix to 10.97º Brix; the total titratable acidity varied from 0.29% to 0.37%; the tests of reducing sugars varied from 10.92% to 12.76% and of non-reducing sugars varied from 8.51% to 12.41%. The color sensorial evaluation of the banana’s nectar showed that the varieties Marmelo and Prata had the higher averages and that their difference were negligible (p≤0,05). The fl avor of the variety Brazilian Dwarf presented the best acceptance. Global appearance did not show signifi cant difference between Marmelo and Brazilian Dwarf varieties. The purchase intention pointed the Brazilian Dwarf variety being the most accepted, with acceptance rate between “probably would buy” and “perhaps would buy / perhaps would not buy”.
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