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Title: Experiências formativas no programa institucional de bolsa de iniciação à docência: PIBID/Educação Física na UFLA
Other Titles: Experiments on formation of institutional scholarship program started to teaching: PIBID / Physical Education UFLA
Keywords: Educação física - Formação de professores
Professores - Formação inicial
Formação docente
Physical education - Teacher training
Teachers - Initial training
Teacher training
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Universidade Luterana do Brasil
Citation: PERPÉTUO, L. N.; REIS, F. P. G. Experiências formativas no programa institucional de bolsa de iniciação à docência: PIBID/Educação Física na UFLA. Acta Brasileira do Movimento Humano, Canoas, v. 4, n. 4, p. 1-21, jul./set. 2014.
Abstract: Initial education is a key period to build and determinate the identity and teaching practice. Knowing the demands from educational research for teachers, it seemed to be interesting, from the point of view of the students concerning, to analyze the consequences of the Institutional Program Initiation to Teaching Scholarship (PIBID) about their training. This study aimed to analyze the formative experiences of students participating in physical education PIBID considering the theory and practice regarding the daily school within the curriculum of the course and the actions taken to bring the academic background to the school routine. Therefore, a qualitative descriptive study was conducted and data were obtained through a semi structured interview. The results showed that the PIBID is an important space for teacher education, because of the presence of varied formative experiences that PIBID / EF - UFLA has provided to undergraduate students entered into the program. However, it was pointed out by the respondents that there is a need to create more time to share experiences and to discuss the questions arising from that conduct interventions in schools. It was possible to identify what are the potentials and limits expressed in the actions that are performed to relate the school context with training in physical education and still, that the undergraduates realize that there is a lack of connection between theory and practice related to school daily in the disciplines that are part of the curriculum.
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