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Title: Influence of spray-drying conditions on physical and morphological characteristics of microencapsulated benzoic acid
Keywords: Benzoic acid
Drying temperature
Response surface
Ácido benzóico
Temperatura de secagem
Superfície de resposta
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: Springer
Citation: MARQUES, G. R. et al. Influence of spray-drying conditions on physical and morphological characteristics of microencapsulated benzoic acid. Food and Bioprocess Technology, [S. l.], v. 9, n. 12, p. 1969-1978, Dec. 2016.
Abstract: Benzoic acid is widely used as a preservative in the food and feed industry, and microencapsulation is important in the application of this ingredient in various food products. The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of benzoic acid concentration and drying air temperature on the physical characteristics of powders produced by spray drying, using maltodextrin and modified starch as the wall materials. A rotatable central composite design was used; the independent variables were inlet air temperature (145–180 °C) and benzoic acid concentration (2–10 %, m/m). Maximum yield was obtained when higher concentrations of benzoic acid and higher inlet air temperatures were applied. The highest microencapsulation efficiency was reached at intermediate temperatures (160 °C) and low concentration of benzoic acid. The particles size (D [4,3]) ranged from 24.99 to 29.52 μm and, in general, presented amorphous structure, spherical shape with rough surfaces and had no cracks The optimum condition, considering all the response variables together, was drying air temperature 169 °C and benzoic acid concentration 6 % (m/m). Under these conditions, the particles presented solubility of 75.96 g/100 g and wettability of 56.8 s/g. Moreover, the process showed microencapsulation efficiency of 76.77 g/100 g and yield of 40.1 %. Spray drying was considered a potential process to provide microencapsulated benzoic acid.
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