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Título : A systematic mapping study on game-related methods for software engineering education
Autor: Souza, Mauricio R. de A.
Veado, Lucas
Moreira, Renata Teles
Figueiredo, Eduardo
Costa, Heitor
Palavras-chave: Software engineering education
Game-based learning
Game development based learning
Publicador: Elsevier
Data da publicação: 2018
Referência: SOUZA, M. R. de A. et al. A systematic mapping study on game-related methods for software engineering education. Information and Software Technology, [S.l.], v. 95, p. 201-218, Mar. 2018.
Abstract: Context The use of games in software engineering education is not new. However, recent technologies have provided new opportunities for using games and their elements to enhance learning and student engagement. Objective The goal of this paper is twofold. First, we discuss how game-related methods have been used in the context of software engineering education by means of a systematic mapping study. Second, we investigate how these game-related methods support specific knowledge areas from software engineering. By achieving these goals, we aim not only to characterize the state of the art on the use of game-related methods on software engineering education, but also to identify gaps and opportunities for further research. Method We carried out a systematic mapping study to identify primary studies which address the use, proposal or evaluation of games and their elements on software engineering education. We classified primary studies based on type of approaches, learning goals based on software engineering knowledge areas, and specific characteristics of each type of approach. Results We identified 156 primary studies, published between 1974 and June 2016. Most primary studies describe the use of serious games (86) and game development (57) for software engineering education, while Gamification is the least explored method (10). Learning goals of these studies and their development of skills are mostly related to the knowledge areas of “Software Process”, “Software Design”, and “Professional Practices”. Conclusions The use of games in software engineering education is not new. However, there are some knowledge areas where the use of games can still be further explored. Gamification is a new trend and existing research in the field is quite preliminary. We also noted a lack of standardization both in the definition of learning goals and in the classification of game-related methods.
Idioma: en_US
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