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Title: Composting and biofertilizants
Keywords: Compostage
Family farmer
Natural fertilization
Organic fertilization
Socio-environmental technologies
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: TAVARES, G. Composting and biofertilizants. [Lavras]: [s.n.], 2018.
Description: Composting and Biofertilizants are sustainable socio-environmental technologies developed by Agroecology, especially for family farmers and/or smallholders. Because they are economically viable, ecologically correct, socially just, culturally appropriate, technologically suitable and scientifically proven; are get and applied anywhere on the planet with virtually zero production costs because the raw material for obtaining both is basically recent animal dung and non-dried vegetables. It is also possible to obtain composting without animal manure and Biopesticides from biofertilizants. The Composting has the function of natural solid fertilizer for the soil and the Biofertilizants has the functions of liquid natural fertilizer for the plants (spray or fertirrigation) and therefore can be used simultaneously
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