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Title: Controle, medo e despreparo: esperar o que de uma escola estranha às práticas da liberdade?
Other Titles: Control, fear and unpreparedness: what can be expected from a school strange to the practices of freedom?
Keywords: Escola sem partido
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba (Unimep)
Citation: CARNEIRO, K. T.; BRONZATTO, M.; ASSIS, E. R. de. Controle, medo e despreparo: esperar o que de uma escola estranha às práticas da liberdade? Comunicações, Piracicaba, v. 26, n. 3, p. 259-282, set./dez. 2019.
Abstract: This essay aims to reflect on the main effects of law projects n. 867/2015 and 193/2016, of the “School without Party Program”, in the daily work of the teacher and in the student’s education, and to perform some analysis that shows the misconception of this proposition. Some reasons in M. Night Shyamalan’s film “The Village”, in particular the manipulation and control of bodies and consciences for the establishment of fear, besides the obscurantism and unpreparedness, are used as allegorical elements to discuss the dangers of a school stranger to the practices of freedom. A review of the literature on the ideals of the program is presented, with the following organization: the constitutional aspects of the proposals of law, their implications for the political system and, finally, the impacts on the development of teaching work and student formation. It also seeks to unveil, analyze and deconstruct the understanding of ideology, student, teacher and formative process present in the text of the projects. It is concludes with the resumption of the film “The Village” and the discussion of the following aspects related to the attempt to implement the “School without Party”: the negation of conflicts and desires; the implantation of fear and the maintenance of ignorance as an educational and control resources; the deletion of differences and the maintenance of the status quo; and the danger of a collectivism that preclude the manifestation of individualities.
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