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Title: Classificação do nível de atividade física em graduandos de educação física: comparação entre os períodos do curso
Other Titles: Clasificación del nivel de actividad física en estudiantes de educación física: comparación entre los períodos del curso
Classification of the level of physical activity of physical education undergraduate students: a comparison between periods of the course
Keywords: Estudantes universitários - Atividade física
Nível de atividade física
Questionário Internacional de Atividade Física (IPAQ)
Academics - Physical activity
International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ)
Level of physical activity
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Citation: BASTOS, L. L. A. da G.; VALIM-ROGATTO, P. C.; ROGATTO, G. P. Classificação do nível de atividade física em graduandos de educação física: comparação entre os períodos do curso., Revista Digital, Buenos Aires, año 19, n. 193, jun. 2014. Não paginado.
Abstract: Regular physical activity is known for promoting health and wellness to their fans, but even knowing of its positive aspect, many people maintain a level of physical activity (LPA) below of recommended. The aim of the study was to determine the profile of LPA of undergraduate students of a Physical Education course, from Federal University of Lavras, comparing students at different times of the course. Volunteers responded to the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ), composed of questions that evaluate the LPA through moderate and vigorous physical effort and walk held in the last week. Volunteers were ranked as "Very Active”, "Active", "Irregularly Active" and "Sedentary”. The categorical classification was represented as percentage, according to the course period. As a resource for measuring the LPA - the "MET" (MET/week metabolic equivalent) indicator was used. Considering the classification of the LPA, it was observed that evaluated students were classified, largely, as "active" or "very active", however, students of later periods of the course showed lower LPA when compared to their fellow newbie. This may be due to the increased volume of academic activities throughout the course, resulting in less time for participation in physical activity programs.
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