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Title: Bioactive and functional compounds of mixed beverages based on fruits and vegetables
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Springer
Citation: MACHADO, P. da S. et al. Bioactive and functional compounds of mixed beverages based on fruits and vegetables. SN Applied Sciences, [S.l.], 2020.
Abstract: In recent years, the demand for fruits and vegetables has increased in several countries. Thereby, the consumption of natural beverages increased, and specifically those with claims of functional properties. However, there is a clear need for further studies on the beneficial effects of these beverages, and greater attention should be given to brands that use this information in a manner that is unconcerned with consumer health. This work aimed to study the physical–chemical composition and bioactive and functional compounds of some brands of natural drinks marketed in Brazil. Six brands of natural drinks were acquired and analyzed for pH, titratable acidity (%), soluble solids, total sugars, color, total phenolics, vitamin C, β-carotene/linoleic acid, DPPH and dietary fiber. The drinks analyzed are in accordance with the literature for acidity, except the ‘E’ brand. The sugar content found in three brands (‘A,’ ‘B-Le’ and ‘D’) was higher than reported on the labels, and the ‘A’ brand misleads the consumer by stating that their drink is ‘zero sugar.’ In general, the drinks showed yellowish color, except the ‘E’ brand with greenish coloration. The brand ‘A’ also had higher levels of vitamin C than established by law. The amount of phenolic compounds was higher in the ‘A’ and ‘F’ brands. The antioxidant content was higher in ‘A,’ ‘C’ and ‘F.’ The ‘D’ and ‘F’ brands were shown as sources of dietary fiber. The content of some brands analyzed is in disagreement with their labels which represents a danger to consumers with some kind of food restriction.
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