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metadata.artigo.dc.title: Evaluation of spray drying conditions on properties of microencapsulated oregano essential oil
metadata.artigo.dc.creator: Botrel, D. A.
Borges, Soraia Vilela
Fernandes, R. V. de B.
Viana, A. D.
Costa, J. M. G. da
Marques, G. R.
metadata.artigo.dc.subject: Essential oils
Physicochemical properties
Response surface methodology
Spray drying
metadata.artigo.dc.publisher: Institute of Food Science and Technology 24-Apr-2012
metadata.artigo.dc.identifier.citation: BOTREL, D. A. et al. Evaluation of spray drying conditions on properties of microencapsulated oregano essential oil. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, Oxford, v. 47, n. 11, p. 2289-2296, Nov. 2012.
metadata.artigo.dc.description.abstract: Response surface methodology (RSM) was employed to investigate variations in powder characteristics with respect to spray drying operating parameters including both feed rates (L min )1 ) and inlet temperatures (°C). Inlet temperatures around 180 °C provided the lowest values for moisture. Powder recovery was significantly affected (P < 0.10) by inlet air temperature and feed rate, where a raise in inlet temperature and feed rate resulted in higher powder recovery. No significant difference (P > 0.05) was observed for water activity, solubility and hygroscopicity between treatments. Regarding oil retention, the results showed a significant (P < 0.05) interaction between the two studied factors. A tendency for higher values of oil retention was observed when using combinations of high inlet temperatures ⁄ low feed rates and low inlet temperatures ⁄ high feed rates. Particle size distribution averaged 2.0, 8.1 and 18.3 lm for D 10 , D 50 and D 90 , respectively. The morphology of particles showed no cracks in most capsules. The results indicate that high temperature (185 °C) and moderated feed rate (0.63 L min )1 ) are the best spray drying conditions.
metadata.artigo.dc.language: en
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