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Title: As implicações do Programa de Residência Pedagógica para formação docente: das narrativas à (re)elaboração do trabalho pedagógico no ensino da Educação Física
Other Titles: The implications of the Pedagogical Residency Program for teacher formation: from narratives to (r)elaboration of pedagogical work in Physical Education teaching
Keywords: Programa Residência Pedagógica
Formação Continuada
Educação Física
Trabalho Pedagógico
Pedagogical Residence Program
Continuing Formation
Physical Education
Pedagogical work
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Revista Educação (UFSM)
Citation: CARNEIRO, K. T.; SILVA, B. A. R. da; REIS, F. P. G. dos. As implicações do Programa de Residência Pedagógica para formação docente: das narrativas à (re)elaboração do trabalho pedagógico no ensino da Educação Física. Educação, Santa Maria, v. 46, n. 1, e58, 2021. DOI: 10.5902/1984644442561.
Abstract: The article checked the implications of the Pedagogical Residency Program (developed in the Physical Education nucleus, under the care of a federal higher education institution), in relation to continuing formation and the organization of pedagogical work developed by three (3) teachers working in public schools in a southern Minas Gerais city. It was treated a qualitative investigation, under a narrative design. As for the methodological procedures, interviews based on a semistructured questionnaire were used for data collection, in fact, exploring the meaning of the actions of these teachers, based on the narrative content they exposed. To erect the analysis categories, the data triangulation technique was used, observing in the first interpretative process, the phonetics and technical valuation of the primary data, then, in a second analytical movement, the information was contextualized, criticized, compared and triangulated. Finally, as the last analytical action, we formulate three specific categories of analysis, relating the content of the interviews and the relevant literature. The results showed that the program was auspicious, due to its specificities and pedagogical organization, notably in relation to the content planning proposal. In the same way, demonstrated that the interviewees obtained distinct formations and experience different moments in teaching career. In addition, it also revealed, that the continuing formation provided within the aforementioned program gave raised to (formative) interaction between basic and higher education, by effect, one can refuse the dichotomy between theory and pedagogical practice, which in turn affected the disposition and unfolding of the pedagogical work carried out by the respondents.
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