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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2011Chemical, physical-chemical, and sensory characteristics of Lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn) winesAlves, J. A.; Lima, L. C. de O.; Nunes, C. A.; Dias, D. R.; Schwan, R. F.
Sep-2020Criteria for lactic acid bacteria screening to enhance silage qualityCarvalho, B. F.; Sales, G. F. C.; Schwan, R. F.; Avila, C. L. S
20-Nov-2012Culturable bacteria from soils of the Brazilian Cerrado in Minas Gerais stateCoba, M. S. M.; Magalhães-Guedes, K. T.; Silva, C. F.; Dias, D. R.; Duarte, W. F.; Schwan, R. F.
24-Aug-2011Effect of co-inoculation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Lactobacillus fermentum on the quality of the distilled sugar cane beverage cachaçaDuarte, W. F.; Sousa, M. V. F.; Dias, D. R.; Schwan, R. F.
Jun-2020Effect of kefir biomass on nutritional, microbiological, and sensory properties of mango-based popsiclesMagalhães-Guedes, K. T.; Barreto, I. T.; Tavares, P. P. L. G.; Bezerra, P. Q. M.; Silva, M. R.; Nunes, I. L.; Mamede, M. E. O.; Miguel, M. G. C. P; Schwan, R. F.
Aug-2013Effect of propionic acid and Lactobacillus plantarum UFLA SIL 1 on the sugarcane silage with and without calcium oxideCarvalho, B. F.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Pinto, J. C.; Schwan, R. F.
1-Oct-2017Effect of the inoculation of sugarcane silage with Lactobacillus hilgardii and Lactobacillus buchneri on feeding behavior and milk yield of dairy cowsSantos, W. P.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Pereira, M. N.; Schwan, R. F.; Lopes, N. M.; Pinto, J. C.
Dec-2009Effects of an indigenous and a commercial Lactobacillus buchneri strain on quality of sugar cane silageÁvila, C. L. S.; Pinto, J. C.; Figueiredo, H. C. P.; Schwan, R. F.
Dec-2012Effects of propionic acid and Lactobacillus buchneri (UFLA SIL 72) addition on fermentative and microbiological characteristics of sugar cane silage treated with and without calcium oxideCarvalho, B. F.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Pinto, J. C.; Pereira, M. N.; Schwan, R. F.
Jun-2015Enumeration, identification and safety proprieties of lactic acid bacteria isolated from pork sausageDias, F. S.; Santos, M. R. R. M.; Schwan, R. F.
Feb-2013Evaluation of a potential starter culture for enhance quality of coffee fermentationSilva, C. F.; Vilela, D. M.; Cordeiro, C. S. de; Duarte, W. F.; Dias, D. R.; Schwan, R. F.
10-Sep-2012Evaluation of stress tolerance and fermentative behavior of indigenous Saccharomyces cerevisiaeRamos, C. L.; Duarte, W. F.; Freire, A. L.; Dias, D. R.; Eleutherio, E. C. A.; Schwan, R. F.
Mar-2017Fermentation profile and identification of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts of rehydrated corn kernel silageCarvalho, B. F.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Bernardes, T. F.; Pereira, M. N.; Santos, C.; Schwan, R. F.
Oct-2010Fermentative behavior of Saccharomyces strains during microvinification of raspberry juice (Rubus idaeus L.)Duarte, W. F.; Dias, D. R.; Dragone, G.; Oliveira, J. M.; Teixeira, J. A.; Silva, J. B. A.; Schwan, R. F.
20-Feb-2011Fruit wine produced from cagaita (Eugenia dysenterica DC) by both free and immobilised yeast cell fermentationOliveira, M. E. S.; Pantoja, L.; Duarte, W. F.; Collela, C. F.; Valarelli, L. T.; Schwan, R. F.; Dias, D. R.
19-Mar-2013Identification and assessment of kefir yeast potential for sugar/ethanol-resistanceMiguel, M. G. C. P.; Cardoso, P. G.; Magalhães-Guedes, K. T.; Schwan, R. F.
Sep-2019Identification and characterization of yeasts from bovine rumen for potential use as probioticsFernandes, T.; Carvalho, B. F.; Mantovani, H. C.; Schwan, R. F.; Ávila, C. L. S.
Nov-2010Identification and characterization of yeasts in sugarcane silagesÁvila, C. L. S.; Martins, C. E. C. Bravo; Schwan, R. F.
26-Sep-2008In vitro protein digestibility of enzymatically pre-treated bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) flour using commercial protease and Bacillus sp. proteaseDias, D. R.; Abreu, C. M. P. de; Silvestre, M. P. C.; Schwan, R. F.
Apr-2014Lipid and citric acid production by wild yeasts grown in glycerolSouza, K. S. T.; Schwan, R. F.; Dias, D. R.