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Title: Deficiência visual: desafios de uma alfabetização em Braille
Keywords: Alfabetização
Sistema Braille
Formação de professores
Braille system
Teacher training
Issue Date: Aug-2010
Publisher: Centro Universitário de Patos de Minas (UNIPAM)
Citation: GONÇALVES, J. C. S.; FERREIRA, H. M. Deficiência visual: desafios de uma alfabetização em Braille. Perquirere, Patos de Minas, v. 1, n. 7, p. 89-101, ago. 2010.
Abstract: This report is the result of a bibliographic review about literacy methods. It takes into account the fact that literacy involves a very complex set of factors which requires the teacher to have a lot of skill to deal with the challenge. The report aims to discuss the methods and concepts of literacy as well as the use of Braille for literacy of the visually impaired. It also includes the similarities, differences and a range of opinions on the process with a reflection on the need for strong professional training. This, however, is difficult in reality with contradictions and mistrust towards the competence of the visually impaired and the results obtained. As a consequence this issue has a fundamental importance for a literacy teacher so that their teaching can be the most effective as possible.
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