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Título: Análise de práticas pedagógicas com tecnologias digitais: um olhar sobre a experiência do curso de especialização EduTec
Título(s) alternativo(s): The institutionalization of distance education as an object of research, criticism and productivity
La institucionalización de la educación a distancia como investigación, crítica y productividad
Palavras-chave: Tecnologias
Práticas pedagógicas
Educação a distância
Pedagogical practices
Distance education
Data do documento: 2023
Editor: Universidade Nove de Julho
Citação: VELOSO, B.; SESTITO, C. D. de O.; MILL, D. Análise de práticas pedagógicas com tecnologias digitais: um olhar sobre a experiência do curso de especialização EduTec. Eccos-Revista Científica, São Paulo, n. 65, p. 1-19, abr./jun. 2023.
Resumo: In the context of digital culture and with the advent of Digital Information and Communication Technologies (TDIC), pedagogical practices have taken new directions, with diverse and innovative possibilities for the teaching-learning process. Currently, there are several options for tools, software and products, with different functionalities, that have the potential to assist in educational practices. However, so that these technological resources can be used in a critical, intentional and qualified way, teacher training is necessary that fits the expectations and needs of the new generation of learners. In this context, specialization courses for continuing education stand out, especially the Education and Technologies course (EduTec), offered by the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), in the distance modality. This article aims, therefore, to share the experiences of the curricular component offered in the course, called “Pedagogical practices with digital technologies”, highlighting the challenges of pedagogical flexibility and the clash involving public policies. In addition, it discusses data from a form applied to 499 students of the EduTec course, indicating at the end a set of digital technologies and suggestions for pedagogical practices that can be applied in the educational field.
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