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Title: Avaliação da percepção e preferência dos consumidores em relação a queijo prato
Other Titles: Evaluation of perception and consumer preferences in connection with Prato cheese
Keywords: Pesquisa de mercado
Market research
Issue Date: 5-Oct-2012
Publisher: Empresa de Pesquisa Agropecuária de Minas Gerais
Citation: BASTOS, R. A. et al. Avaliação da percepção e preferência dos consumidores em relação a queijo prato. Revista do Instituto de Latícinios Cândido Tostes, Juiz de Fora, v. 390, n. 68, p. 12-19, jan./ fev. 2013.
Abstract: It was conducted market research, through interviews with consumers the city of Lavras, south of Minas Gerais, at different locations in marketing Prato cheese, with the objective to evaluate the perception and preference of consumers in relation to Prato cheeses produced by dairy of Southern Minas Gerais. It was found that the Prato cheese is accepted by consumers due to sensory quality and the fact that consumers find this product easily. The type of Prato cheese preferred by consumers is the Prato cheese minisnack, the majority gets packed and consumes at the snack. Most people interviewed said that the packaging / labels Prato cheese are great or good, and the size, practicality and convenience are the main strengths of packaging. However, packaging / labeling of Prato cheese need to be analyzed, keeping the characteristics that are considered strengths and adapting them for the elimination of drawbacks, since it was found that 29% of consumers think the packaging is poor or fair and may negatively influence the purchase. It is generally assumed that the Prato cheese is well accepted. The cheeses produced in the southern region of Minas Gerais market of Lavras, MG, have good competition in the market for their quality and sensory acceptance. However there are drawbacks that can be improved to increase competitiveness and affirmation of the same market, such as packaging.
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