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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Genotoxic action of naphthenic acids on the fish macrophage cell line, RTS11Trento, Marcus Vinicius Cardoso; César, Pedro Henrique Souza; Marcussi, Silvana; Lee, Lucy E.J.
Jan-2020Mitochondriotropic action and DNA protection: Interactions between phenolic acids and enzymesAbreu, Tatiane Silva de; Braga, Mariana Aparecida; Simão, Anderson Assaid; Trento, Marcus Vinicius Cardoso; Eleutério, Mateus Willian de Faria; Pereira, Luciana Lopes Silva; Cunha, Elaine Fontes Ferreira da; Marcussi, Silvana
2019Polybia occidentalis and Polybia fastidiosa venom: a cytogenotoxic approach of effects on human and vegetal cellsPalmieri, Marcel José; Barroso, Amanda Ribeiro; Andrade-Vieira, Larissa Fonseca; Monteiro, Marta Chagas; Soares, Andreimar Martins; Cesar, Pedro Henrique Souza; Braga, Mariana Aparecida; Trento, Marcus Vinicius Cardoso; Marcussi, Silvana; Davide, Lisete Chamma
Mar-2019Prospection of enzyme modulators in aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Lippia sidoides leaves: genotoxicity, digestion, inflammation, and hemostasisBraga, Mariana Aparecida; Abreu, Tatiane Silva de; Trento, Marcus Vinicius Cardoso; Machado, Gustavo Henrique Andrade; Pereira, Luciana Lopes Silva; Simão, Anderson Assaid; Marcussi, Silvana
Oct-2018Protective effect of β-D-glucan and glutamine on the genomic instability induced by Cytarabine/Ara-C in BALB/c miceSilva, Priscilla Mirian de Souza; Sousa, Raimundo Vicente de; Simão, Anderson Assaid; Cesar, Pedro Henrique Souza; Trento, Marcus Vinicius Cardoso; Marcussi, Silvana
2019Snake venom disintegrins: an overview of their interaction with integrinsCesar, Pedro Henrique Souza; Braga, Mariana Aparecida; Trento, Marcus Vinicius Cardoso; Menaldo, Danilo Luccas; Marcussi, Silvana
22-May-2017Tebuconazol e difenoconazol: efeitos citogenotóxicos e sobre a hemostasia humanaTrento, Marcus Vinicius Cardoso